Found place to bleech teeth white in spokane.


Bleach-Bright LED Teeth Whitening

2 - 8 Shades whiter in less than an half-hour

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Sunsational Tanning Co

1401 N. Argonne Road

Spokane Valley, WA,  99212




BleachBright L.E.D. Whitening Kit is the number one teeth whitening system offered in salons, spas,tanning salons, malls, and by dentists all over the world. It's the ultimate combination of speed and results. In just one 15-minute session, you will notice a difference of 2-8 shades of whitening with almost zero sensitivity. Our system features the latest technologies that are safe, industry-unique, and affordable.

The secret behind the powerful whitening is our BB-Cool Advanced III led whitening light and our pre-filled carbamide peroxide gel trays. You simply bite down into the tray, then sit back and relax under the light for 15 minutes for a beautiful smile!

Now the Spokane Valley and surrounding area can get a whiter brighter smile for under $100 in less than a half hour at Sunsational Tanning Co. Our product is similar to Zoom or Bright Smile products offered at other salons and dental offices at prices up to $400.

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